ICEdot and the WCA.

About the Women’s Cycling Association

The Women’s Cycling Association is a membership organization of women cyclists and supporters committed to developing and advancing the state of women’s cycling Worldwide. The WCA seeks to unify and represent women cyclists and advocate on their behalf: to sporting governing bodies, race organizers, and team management. In the next year, the WCA will work toward meeting our platform goals by lobbying for equal rights for women cyclists, reviewing existing policies and advocating for changes, and networking with grassroots programs that provide support and guidance to cyclists . The WCA will use a variety of techniques, from developing relationships with governing bodies, teams, and race organizers and discussing practical changes, to utilizing media to raise awareness of topics and push for broader change. Learn more

ICEdot is a proud support of the Women’s Cycling Association. Now through February 28th, 20% of all online sales will be donated to the WCA in advancement of their mission.
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