How Does It Work?

  •   Create Your Account & Profiles Create an account with as many In Case of Emergency (ICE) Profiles as you need. Your profile can include personal information, medical information, and multiple emergency contacts. <strong>Create</strong> Your Account & Profiles
  •   Print Your Profiles Print out your In Case of Emergency profile that identifies you and the medical information you want shared in an emergency. <strong>Print</strong> Your Profiles
  •   Place Profiles In Glovebox Place the printed profile in your vehicle's glovebox and place your ICEdot window sticker in your rear window to alert first responders. <strong>Place</strong> Profiles In Glovebox

Still not sure? Click here to watch a video overview.

Who Is Using ICEdot Free?

Great question. Just recently, we have partnered with the fire department, police department, and mayor’s office of the City of Philadelphia to extend this completely free service to all Philadelphia city residents.

What Do You Get?

  • ICE Profile

    Create and manage as many ICE Profiles as you need – be sure to include your photo!

  • Save & Update Profile

    Register your ID and save your medical information in our secure online database – update at any time.

  • Emergency Contacts

    Specify as many you want and choose between notifications by email, text, or phone call.

  • Printable Profile

    Printable profile that you can place in the glovebox of a vehicle with a yellow ICEdot sticker on the rear window.